My Civic Workout: No Representation without Taxation

It’s almost here: April 15, that time when we all wade through forms and settle up with Uncle Sam. It’s also a great time for our current president (the one with hundreds of potential conflicts of interest) to release his tax returns, which is something that every president and major presidential candidate for the past 40 years has done.

My Civic Workout: Mission Impulse Control

Mission Impulse Control Since Trump took command of the now three-year old US fight against ISIS, we’ve seen unprecedentedly high numbers of civilian casualties in Syria and Iraq. Last week, as all news-reading Americans know, Assad unleashed chemical weapons on Syrian civilians, and the US launched missiles against a Syrian airbase to retaliate against Assad’s regime. In light of these […] Continue Reading

My Civic Workout: April Fool’s: It’s Fake News

Your workout today is to identify fake news and other disreputable sources of information. We’ll focus on two things: sensationalization and corroboration.

My Civic Workout: Trump’s foreign aid blockade

The “America First” White House has released its “skinny budget,” and the foreign policy priorities are clear: more war, less diplomacy and aid. The budget priorities paper calls for large increases at the Pentagon, and a 37% cut to the State Department and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

My Civic Workout: Antisemitism in Trump’s America

Over the past year, we’ve seen an ugly flare-up of antisemitism in the USA: Jewish gravestones have been vandalized in St. Louis and Philadelphia, and internet mobs have been sending Nazi-style propaganda to Jewish journalists. Today, we’re going to inform and equip ourselves to fight back against antisemitism.

My Civic Workout: Self-Care as Warfare

Today we will focus on how we as activists and political caretakers can make sure that we have the strength for our long journey.

My Civic Workout: Get Your Game Face On 

Last Thursday, President Trump released his “skinny budget,” which is basically a Christmas list of things he wants Congress to fund or to take away funding from. The Trump budget proposes devastating cuts to key federal agencies and would eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Meals on Wheels, the National Endowment for the Arts, and more.

My Civic Workout: GOP Health Care-less

Trumpcare. Ryancare. We haven’t settled on a label yet, but we do know that the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the GOP’s proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is bad news.

My Civic Workout: Gerrymandering, or How to Rig A Game

One of the biggest influences in your local and state elections is gerrymandering, a way of drawing the boundaries of political districts so that one party is given an advantage over the other. In effect, if voting districts are gerrymandered enough, it can create permanent electoral majorities for one party.