My Civic Workout: Mother’s Day Behind Bars

Since 1980, the number of incarcerated women has increased by over 700%. Many of these prisoners are women of color. And all in all, mothers account for approximately 80% of the women behind bars. This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it’s worth reflecting and taking action on the challenges faced by incarcerated mothers.

My Civic Workout: A Fight for Our Democracy

Last night, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Comey had been vigorously investigating ties between the current administration and the government of Russia. This is an attack on the norms that support rule of law in this country — and reminds many observers of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, when Nixon abolished the office of the Watergate prosecutor in an effort to cover up his illegal activities.

My Civic Workout: Matters of Life and Death

The death penalty has been back in the news, with the state of Arkansas recently rushing to execute four inmates before its lethal injection drugs expired. Today’s workout will explore the role the death penalty has had in US society and get you confident to be an advocate against it.

My Civic Workout: Le Pen-dulum Swings Right

With the runoff election in France coming up on May 7, the far-right National Front party is seeing unprecedented levels of support: their candidate Marine Le Pen is polling (at press time) 41% to centrist Emmanuel Macron’s 59%. You may have seen this described as part of a global right-wing surge that’s included Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, or read that some of Trump’s staff have connections to right-wing parties in Europe.

My Civic Workout: No Hate, No Fear

Given all of its failures, one might conclude that the first 102 days of the Trump presidency have been a disaster for the president’s policies. Unfortunately, there is at least one area in which the new administration has done exactly as they promised—mass roundups of undocumented immigrants, databases of individuals with open immigration cases (including infants, children, and asylum seekers), and a new hotline for reporting “crimes by aliens.”

My Civic Workout: Green Jobs, Green Planet

While certain politicians like to emphasize the plight of coal miners, the renewable energy industries are taking off as employers. The solar power industry claims to employ twice as many Americans as the entire coal mining industry, while the wind power industry, employing over 100,000 people, touts that “wind turbine technician” is the fastest growing job in the US.

My Civic Workout: Dawn of the Dead Health Care Bill

The American Health Care Act, also known as the recently defeated Republican health care bill, has risen from the dead. 27 days after the bill was pulled, news outlets reported on a negotiated amendment to the AHCA that would supposedly make the bill more palatable to both the moderate and far-right conservatives who took a stand against it. But Zombie Trumpcare is as dangerous as it sounds.

My Civic Workout: Lean Green Resisting Machine

Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day. With a president and administration that deny climate change, suppress scientific research, repeal environmental protections, and promote the use of fossil fuels, there is plenty for everyone to fight. Let’s lace up our civic workout shoes and get to it.

My Civic Workout: Grassroots Victories

As we struggle to make sense of the news, it’s easy to lose track of the good things achieved by grassroots movements. Today, your civic workout is going to be a victory lap! We’ll take a look at a few recent wins, plus one big near-miss, and discuss how we can build on each of these achievements in the weeks ahead.