My Civic Workout: Health Care: Never Gonna Give It Up

This is an all-hands-on-deck situation, so for step one, call, text, or email a friend and remind them to call their senators. Try to think of someone who has a Republican senator who’s expressed concerns about the current bill.

My Civic Workout: One Nation Under Guns 

There are a dozen different reasons we could call for more gun control: the US’s regular mass shootings, the numbers of young children who are shot or have access to unsecured guns every year, the loopholes in the background check process, and the threats to women whose abusers have guns. So while the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise is fresh in our minds, the impetus for this email isn’t one shocking event but a steady background drumbeat of gun violence that we live with every day.

My Civic Workout: Courts in Session’s DOJ

Before Trump’s election, a bipartisan consensus had been emerging that racialized mass incarceration is ineffective and unjust. Add this to a decline in the federal prison population over the course of the 2000s, and criminal justice policy seemed to be taking a turn in the right direction. But with Jeff Sessions at the helm of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Nixon-era “law and order” mentality is back, and measures are being taken to send more people to prison—and for longer.

My Civic Workout: Parenting in Trumpian America

From shoving the Montenegrin prime minister to refusing to admit when he’s wrong, President Trump has evoked a lot of comparisons to a toddler. But those of us raising kids know that even most toddlers have better impulse control than our 45th President. Still, how do we talk about this administration, and the public support that got him there, with our kids? What can we do to involve them in our resistance?

My Civic Workout: Captain Historica: Civil War

Although it feels like ancient history after all the recent headlines, it was only at the beginning of this month that our current president publicly mused about why the American Civil War was fought. Last week, New Orleans completed its controversial removal of Confederate monuments. For this Memorial Day weekend, we’ll explore the bloodiest of American wars, and how it influences us still.

My Civic Workout: Protecting Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood provides sexual and reproductive health services to millions of Americans. Because those services include abortions, they are often the first to be attacked by conservative politicians. Let’s pump up those civic muscles today by getting informed and defending the work Planned Parenthood does in our communities.

My Civic Workout: Defend our Public Lands

The administration is “reviewing the status” of 27 public lands designated as national monuments: this is their euphemism for seeking to allow drilling and other destructive activities on some of America’s most beautiful wild lands. The administration is trying to shut out the public by having an absurdly short notice and comment period—only 15 days. We can’t be silenced that easily.