Center for American Progress Action Fund: Our health is on the line and…

Here’s what you can do: go to and call the senators who are still on the fence. Our calls must serve as a counterweight to Mitch McConnnell’s cynical efforts to carve out special deals in order to secure passage of this horrible bill. Our voices matter. Our voices count. Together, we can preserve health care insurance for our families and neighbors.

Center for American Progress Action Fund: Just a bill

The air is tense on Capitol Hill this week as Americans across the country plan to fight back against the Republican Senators’ “death bill.” Just today, the American Medical Association and 46 economists – including 6 Nobel laureates – sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) expressing their opposition to a health repeal bill that would leave millions without coverage and increase premiums and deductibles for middle class families.

Center for American Progress Action Fund: Get Ready to Resist This Recess

This week the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirmed what we’ve known all along: Trumpcare has gone from bad to worse. It would cause 23 million people to be uninsured and one in six Americans would lose protections for pre-existing conditions. Congress is back home for recess this week. And this is recess will determine the future of Trumpcare. We need your help telling Congress they are not representing us.

Center for American Progress Action Fund: Republicans—It’s Your Turn to Call Out Trump

The Washington Post just reported that Donald Trump disclosed highly classified intelligence from an American ally to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador during an in-person meeting at the White House last Wednesday. Trump himself characterized disclosing classified information as “un-American.” So will Republicans finally hold Trump accountable for putting America and our allies at risk? Here’s what you can do to make sure they do.

Center for American Progress Action Fund: Sign this card for all moms.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day—a time when we’re supposed to be celebrating our moms and spending time with family. But last week, the House of Representatives voted for a health care bill that makes being a mother a pre-existing condition and could lead to women bring denied health insurance based solely on their gender.

Center for American Progress Action Fund: Get outraged. Stay outraged.

This bill may have passed the House but the fight to protect the Affordable Care Act isn’t over. The House is home for recess again, which means it’s time to flood the town hall meetings, mailboxes, and voicemails of your elected officials to hold them accountable for this vote.

Center for American Progress Action Fund: Trumpcare is back.

We are only a few votes away from defeating Trumpcare again. But we need your help. Our new Trumpcare toolkit has all the tools you need to contact the Representatives who need to hear from you: updated whip list, phone numbers, sample social media, and key statistics.

Center for American Progress Action Fund: Send a Message in a Pill Bottle To Save the ACA

As members of Congress return from recess, House Republicans are not only continuing to wheel and deal to repeal the ACA, but they’re making Trumpcare even worse by taking away coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. We need your help to deliver the message—in pill bottles—that you’re watching and will not stand for it. Your voice and actions defeated Trumpcare once. You can do it again.

Center for American Progress Action Fund: Keep resisting!

Congress’s recess is well underway and members are feeling the heat. Congressional leaders have plans to make Trumpcare even worse, but your voices are making a difference. At his town hall yesterday, Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) was grilled on his support for the House Republican plan to repeal Obamacare. And after hearing fierce opposition from Californians, Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) finally came out in opposition to Trumpcare yesterday.