Call Them In: Call to Action: Stop the AHCA!

Senate Republicans are attempting to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA) without any public review of the bill and its contents—indeed, without any review whatsoever. By refusing to examine the AHCA and its effects openly, the GOP is subjecting the American people to potentially destructive laws without their informed consent. In fact, the bill itself contains many provisions that will prove harmful to millions of Americans if enacted:

Call Them In: Demand Hearings on the AHCA

Our healthcare system comprises one sixth of the economy. Any overhaul of this system should require methodical planning as well as transparency. The Republicans in the Senate who are constructing a new version of President Trump’s American Health Care Act (AHCA) have not met either of these conditions and refuse to hold any public hearings on the AHCA.

Call Them In: Your Senator’s Response To “You’re Fired”

Last week, President Trump fired the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey. Let your senators know that you’re paying attention to their response to this inexcusable abuse of power. With President Trump’s recent alleged disclosure of classified information to a Russian Ambassador, an independent investigation is all the more necessary.

Call Them In: Make the Call: Shut Down Trumpty Dumpty’s Wall

Voting on the federal budget will take place this Friday, and Republicans are ready to move forward with President Trump’s wall, estimated to cost between $22 and $40 billion dollars. If this happens, President Trump and GOP officials will have made it clear that American taxpayers will be footing the bill.

Call Them In: Don’t Let Trump Freeze Us Out

Have you ever gone to sleep shivering in your own home? Going without heat due to financial constraints is a reality for millions of Americans. Thankfully, a government program called LIHEAP, or Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, helps these families with energy costs to keep them safe in cold weather. But President Trump’s budget would cut this program entirely.

Call Them In: Trump Will Not Make America Safe Again

President Trump ran on a platform of making America “safe again.” But his proposed cuts to the State Homeland Security Program make that seem like an empty campaign promise. Our states and localities must be prepared to deal with unforeseen events that could harm Americans. Whether the threat is terrorism or natural disasters, it is the government’s job to keep people out of harm’s way, and, if that fails, to help communities recover from tragedy.

Call Them In: Trump is a Dirty Old Man

As Republicans continue their attempt to gut the EPA from the inside, the party that founded the EPA is now its biggest threat. This budget loss would directly threaten the 53 million people who live near the 1,337 Superfund sites in America, leaving them at risk for disease and property damage from extreme pollution.