America Will Be: Actions & Links

By Friday: Amend Trumpcare. Well, not really. The Republicans won’t actually adopt them. But, each one takes a few minutes to read into the Senate record. So, Senate Dems are collecting as many as they can to try to slow the bill’s passage until after the July 4th resource so Senators have to go home and face their constituents. Submit amendments here.

America Will Be: Actions and Links

By Sunday: Help Ossoff. Ossoff’s campaign is recruiting multilingual volunteers who can help make phone calls or provide election support in a number of languages to the District’s growing Asian and Pacific Islander community. Check the list and offer to help if you can.

America Will Be: Actions & Links 5/30/17

By Sunday: Healthcare. So, Republicans haven’t held any hearings on their health care disaster yet. E-mail and ask the Senate to hold open hearings, like the 44 the Democrats did for the ACA.

America Will Be: Actions: Montana Special Election on Thursday

1. By tomorrow: Phone bank for Rob Quist in the May 25th Montana special election.
2. By Friday: Get educated about the cruelest cuts in the Trump budget.
3. By Sunday: Tell the Department of Education America should keep its promise of student loan forgiveness for public servants.

America Will Be: Actions & Links

By tomorrow: Help Mr. Rogers. With public media under attack again, The Beautiful Day campaign is asking people to celebrate Fred Rogers by sending them a pic in your favorite sweater with your own personal PBS story.

America Will Be: Actions & Links

1. By tomorrow: Tell your Member of Congress to stand firm against TrumpCare 2.0. The latest GOP backed plan to repeal the ACA would eliminate protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, among other things.

America Will Be: Actions & Links

By tomorrow: Help Ossoff. Repeating from last week: Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, is making waves with his run in the Republican Georgia 6th. The special election is Tuesday, April 18th. Consider helping him out.