5 Calls: See Your Senators’ Position on Trumpcare

Visit our Trumpcare tracker pages to make a call to your Senators and ask them how they’re planning to vote on the Trumpcare bill. Enter that information via the response buttons and help contribute data about how the Senate plans to vote. If your Senator is listed as an Unknown vote, call them every day to demand they take a stance on Trumpcare and the removal of insurance for 22 Million Americans.

5 Calls: Comey to testify THIS WEEK

This week all of our eyes will be focused Senate Intelligence Committee hearings. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is up on Wednesday, June 7th to testify about his role in the firing of FBI director James Comey. And the former FBI director himself will testify at 10am EST on June 8th.

5 Calls: Help Save the Paris Climate Agreement

Congress is in recess this week but don’t let that discourage you from calling and keeping the pressure on your Representatives to investigate a connection between the Trump Administration and Russia. Staffers are still answering phones in DC and local offices around the country, keep sending them calls to answer!

5 Calls: Trump’s Budget and the CBO Score

A lot of breaking news still expected this week. Besides continuing evidence of obstruction of justice, we expect the CBO score for Trumpcare on Wednesday and Trump’s proposed budget, predicted to be lined with cuts to social services and tax breaks for the wealthy. Keep tabs on the site and app as the week progresses, we’ll have updated calls available as news comes out.

5 Calls: Make 5 Calls This Week

Lots of things to talk about this week, but number one on our list is Russia, Russia, Russia! Even though it is a priority to get a special prosecutor appointed, and the whole Russia story figured out, it’s important to note that Congress is still in session and hearing other important topics.

5 Calls: Make 5 Calls This Week

1) Sally Yates has proven that the Administration cannot be trusted to investigate Flynn’s ties to Russia alone. Appoint a special prosecutor. 2) House Representatives are back at home for another short recess. Did yours vote to repeat the ACA? Demand to know why at a local Town Hall. 3)The Department of Justice has pivoted away from helping Police departments better serve their community and towards prosecuting innocent protesters. Demand they work for the people. 4) HR 2090 would require government-issued ID in order to vote, a rule that prevents near zero Voter Fraud and prevents many ordinary citizens from voting. 5) Protect Net Neutrality

5 Calls: 5 Calls: Your Calls Can Stop Trumpcare

Count another win for all the callers and resistors, a budget agreement has been negotiated and it’s a big win for us! No defunding of Planned Parenthood, no money for the wall, no money for increased deportation forces, and increased spending on the NIH. We basically got what we wanted and Trump got…. nothing. But just because won this battle, we have plenty more to fight. Keep up all the amazing work and keep the pressure on!

5 Calls: 5 Calls: 100 Days with Trump

We’re nearing 100 days with Trump and what do we have to show for it? We’d say quite a lot! Your persistent efforts have blunted the administration’s ability to get things done and the proof is in the pudding – there have been no big legislative or policy wins. But take notice, Trump knows this too and we’re expecting a flurry of activity this week – so buckle up and get your phones ready!

5 Calls: 5 Calls: Top Issues for This Week

Another week of Congressional recess means a relatively disaster-free week for the current Administration… But they still managed to incite potential nuclear war with North Korea and attempt to blackmail Democrats into repealing the ACA. Still plenty of calls to be made!