3NoTrump: ❤Weekly Resistance Actions: June 27, 2017❤

While the vote has just been delayed, and several conservative and moderate Republicans have come out against the bill, the party leadership has expressed confidence that this bill could pass through an intense “us vs. them” strategy. Therefore, we have to keep up the pressure, even on those Republicans who have come out against the bill, to make sure they don’t succumb to backroom deals, as well as continue to urge other GOP Senators to oppose this life-threatening legislation.

3NoTrump: Weekly Actions: May 30, 2017

Marches are being held across the country and we need to keep up the pressure to demand a thorough independent investigation into the administration’s alleged ties with Russia. We covered this in detail last week, and the story continues to unfold with Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions now being implicated.

3NoTrump: Weekly Actions: May 22, 2017

As the news around Russia, Comey’s firing, and the internal workings of the White House gets weirder and weirder, we’re beginning to see some movement in the right direction. Due in part to intense public pressure, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein finally appointed a special prosecutor, Robert J. Mueller. This is welcome news; however, the special prosecutor role is limited in scope.

3NoTrump: ❤Weekly Actions: May 15, 2017❤

ACTION 1: Keep asking for an independent special prosecutor to investigate Trump/Russia/election connections. ACTION 2: Denounce the faux Voter Fraud Commission and keep working to improve voting access for all. ACTION 3: Limit Trump’s ability to launch a first-strike nuclear attack.

3NoTrump: ❤ Weekly Actions: May 9, 2017 ❤

ACTION 1: Pressure White House, EPA not to withdraw from Paris Agreement. ACTION 2: Defeat Trumpcare at the Senate Level. ACTION 3: Regain control of the House in 2018 by punishing Trumpcare supporting Republicans and tackling voter disenfranchisement.

3NoTrump: ❤Weekly Actions: May 2, 2017❤

ACTION 1: (May Day Action) Urge your MoC to support the bill to raise the national minimum wage to $15/hour. ACTION 2: Oppose Trumpcare 2.0 because massive loss of coverage and sky high premiums for the most vulnerable is unacceptable. ACTION 3: Defend Net Neutrality because the internet is a universal public good.


SPECIAL MAY DAY ACTION: Participate in a May Day Strike and urge your MoCs to support the bill to raise the national minimum wage to $15/hour.