2 Hours A Week: ACTION 166: Local Tuesdays : DC, NY, CA – DC stop trumpcare!

Join this week’s The People’s Filibuster to Stop Trumpcare with Move On, Planned Parenthood, SEIU, Women’s March and many more, at the United States Capitol to stop the Republican effort to take away our health care. Senate Majority Leader McConnell wants to vote this week, but if just 3 Republicans reject Trumpcare, it can’t pass.

2 Hours A Week: ACTION 165: Healthcare Now or Never

If you ever only do one action from us, let it be this one. The Senate vote is the entire ballgame. This is it – there are no more chances after this to stop Trumpcare. The Senate vote on the healthcare repeal bill a.k.a. the AHCA bill, a.k.a. Trumpcare, a.k.a. the bill that may kick your grandmother out of her nursing home, is set to happen before the July 4th break.

2 Hours A Week: ACTION 164: We Know You’re Tired of Hearing About Trumpcare, But…

CALL YOUR SENATORS after looking up where they stand on the legislation on the 5calls website. You can thank them if they’ve already released a statement against the bill, or ask them to step up against it if they haven’t yet. Even better, think of one person who might make a phone call and forward this message to them.

2 Hours A Week: ACTION 163: Trumpcare Tracker, Making it Easy!

The Senate just released the newest version of Trumpcare. Trying to get pregnant? You’re out of luck with maternity care coverage. Does someone in your family have a mental health issue? Insurers won’t be responsible for that. Medicaid covers nearly 1 in 5 Americans, and this version of Trumpcare includes deep cuts to that program–simple economics dictates that this would be a huge blow to the backbone of the American economy.

2 Hours A Week: ACTION 162: Healthcare for America

Healthcare reform has been a continual struggle in our country, historically led by a few groups, working without public input, and often without soliciting grass-roots participation. And it is happening again this way, with Senate writing a bill in secret.

2 Hours A Week: ACTION 160: Support Russia Sanctions!

CALL your Representative and tell him or her that you support legislation that restricts the current administration’s ability to modify current sanctions on Russia. Tell them that you believe in the American democratic process and that we need to restore confidence in that.