Not sure how to protect yourself if some of Trump’s campaign promises become reality? Scroll down (and keep scrolling!) for some useful resources.

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  • Your Haq

    Community-driven content for people navigating changing US immigration laws.

  • WDID Digital Security Checklists

    Our digital checklist is a quick and easy guide to help you get the basics of digital security done. You don't need to be a cyberwizard to understand some of the basic steps to digital security!

  • University at Buffalo’s “Developing Your Self-Care Plan”

    Very useful resource to help you understand your self-care needs, develop a plan, and follow through on it.

  • Trump Syllabus

    A syllabus of books and articles about the Trump era and how it came to be.

  • Troll Busters: Online Pest Control for Women Writers

    TrollBusters provides just-in-time rescue services to support women journalists, bloggers and publishers who are targets of cyberharassment.

  • TED Talks: The Importance of Self Care

    A playlist of nine TED Talks on self care, offering tips on how to take care of yourself mentally and physically.

  • Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves

    Crowdsourced document, created post-election, for education on systemic racism. Includes suggested reading and actions to take.

  • Surveillance Self-Defense Against the Trump Administration

    From The Intercept. Basic guidelines on steps to take to ensure your technology is encrypted and secure, based on what is known about the US intelligence apparatus.

  • Speak Up & Stay Safe(r): A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment

    A guide to protecting yourself from online harassment. It offers an easy three step start, alongside lengthier and more advanced guides for when you can commit more time.

  • Seven Types of Self-Care Activities for Coping with Stress

    An inspiring list of self-care activities – social, physical, spiritual, and more.

  • Safety Pin Box

    Safety Pin Box is a monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation. Box memberships are a way to not only financially support Black femme freedom fighters, but also complete measurable tasks in the fight against white

  • Responding to Everyday Bigotry

    Extensive resource on responding to bigotry in many different contexts – at home, at work, and in everyday life.

  • Oh Crap! What Now? Survival Guide

    This crowd-sourced collection of health, legal, and safety plans rests on the assumption that you can take Trump’s plans at his words, and helps you prepare accordingly. (English & Spanish)

    NYTimes: How to Help if Someone is Being Harassed

    While every harassment situation is different, this article offers guidance on how to respond if you see someone being harassed.

  • Laws Likely to Change Under the Trump Administration

    A living document that compiles laws you might want to take advantage of now, especially protections for marginalized people. Includes sources for LGBT community members, immigrants, individuals with a criminal record, reproductive rights, victims of sexual assault, unions, student debt, and more.

  • Lambda Legal Post-Election FAQ

    This FAQ speaks to some bottom line answers to major concerns facing the LGBT community. It also provides some immediate action items.

  • Immigrants’ Rights FAQs Under a Trump Presidency

    Answers to some common questions about what Trump's presidency means for immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, and what you can do to best protect yourself. In English and Spanish.

  • How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind

    From Mirah Curzer, "self-care lessons for the resistance": how to prepare yourself for the long fight ahead.

  • Hollaback: Bystander Resources

    Offers several different possibilities for responding to street harassment. Hollaback also offers training webinars.

  • Guide to Action for Democracy

    Thorough and well organized document on the political battles being fought now and how you can make your voice heard. Also includes actions to take depending on the issues you care about most.

  • Getting Started: Digital Security for Activists

    Ideas for how to document human rights abuses, as well as how to assess your risks and protect yourself and your material/technology before, during, and after documenting.

  • Get Protected

    Developers of secure, privacy-oriented apps that you can download and use.


    Nonprofit organization that monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players. Use it to track what politicians are saying and to keep them accountable!

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation: Digital Security Tips for Protestors

    Founded in 1990, EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. We work to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows.

  • EFF: Surveillance Self-Defense

    Modern technology has given those in power new abilities to eavesdrop and collect data on innocent people. Surveillance Self-Defense is EFF’s guide to defending yourself and your friends from surveillance by using secure technology and developing careful practices.

  • Concrete Suggestions in Preparation for January 2017

    This is a living document compiled by a Boston-based attorney. A second document (linked in the original) allows comments, whereas this document is locked due to traffic. It organizes suggestions by demographic issue and topic, including LGB, Immigration, Disability, Reproductive, and Civil Rights guidelines. English

  • American Civil Liberties Union: Feel Like You’re at Risk?

    Excellent compilation of resources for various groups that are at greater risk post-election - protestors, LGBTQ, immigrant, Muslim, journalist,


    Want a better news source? AllSides features side-by-side articles from the left, right, and center. Stop being influenced by news bias!

  • ACLU – Know Your Rights

    A list of resources regarding your rights in multiple scenarios, compiled by the ACLU. (Some resources in Spanish and English.)

  • A Harm Reductionist Guide to Web Security

    An easy to read, straightforward document with links to additional resources. Details basic steps you can take to protect yourself digitally.

  • A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity

    This guide is an introduction and overview of cybersecurity tools, organized into tools for anonymity, for preventing hacking, for protecting your data, for securing your phone, and for securing social media.  A Cheat Sheet at the end provides at-a-glance information for casual security, for private conversations with

  • #SafeFromHate: This Is How You America

    A 10-step guide and list of resources to help you stand up against hate in public and private spaces.

  • #ReportHate: Southern Poverty Law Center

    Report a hate incident to the Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC is gathering these reported incidents, and analyzing and reporting on them.