It’s so important to take regular action on issues you care about. Scroll down (and keep scrolling!) for the best resources on how you can get more involved.

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Current Category: Browse Activism Resources
  • Call The Halls

    Guide from Emily Ellsworth on contacting and effectively influencing your representative. Available for free or for a donation.

  • Library of Resistance

    The Library of Resistance is a huge list of resistance-related book suggestions, spanning philosophy, politics, and concrete resistance tactics. It was created by Rebecca Solnit and her commentariat. The list is available, in slightly different form, on both Zotero and Goodreads.

  • Organizing for Action: Organizing Manual

    From Obama's grassroots organization, manual provides guidance to organizers at all levels.

  • Pantsuit Nation Resources

    A very large and loosely curated set of resources on progressive politics and progressive issues.

  • Post-Election Sanity Guide

    Analysis of what happened in the 2016 election. Formatted as 10 simple questions and answers. Includes recommendations of actions to take.

  • Presterity

    A Wikipedia-esque database and very deep historical record on the Trump administration. It includes tracking who is in the administration (and their entire political history), what policies are being put into place (including past comments, tweets, and other details), and similar.

  • Reclaim the American Dream

    This site gives you models for successful progressive causes to emulate, and offers step-by-step guides to making progressive change.

  • Resistance Manual

    A giant wiki that has resources on every facet of the resistance. The site is always growing.

  • Resources for Video Activists

    A library of free resources for video activists and anyone who might use video as an activism tool, from the nonprofit organization Witness.

  • SURJ Activism Resources

    A useful list of activism resources from SURJ, a national network organizing white people for racial justice.

  • Trump Syllabus

    A syllabus of books and articles about the Trump era and how it came to be.

  • Votespotter

    This app alerts you when your representatives vote on bills, so you can provide feedback.

  • Writing a Letter to the Editor

    Guide on getting letters to the editor published. The website (from the Friends Committee on National Legislation) also offers a number of other advocacy tools and resources.