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Current Category: Elect Better Politicians
  • Brand New Congress

    Political action group designed to recruit and run 400+ candidates as a single, unified campaign for Congress in 2018.

  • Democracy for America

    Member-driven political action committee founded by former presidential candidate Howard Dean. Recruits and trains progressive candidates, conducts activist trainings, and runs issue-focused campaigns.

  • Flippable

    Working to flip state legislatures. Provides data on the most flippable seats and suggest actions to win these seats.

  • Justice Democrats

    An initiative to run non-corporate-sponsored politicians in 2018, rebuilding the Democratic Party with progressives.

  • Knock Every Door

    On the grounds that it is never too early to plan for 2018, this group of Democrats (mostly Bernie Sanders supporters) are getting out the democratic ground game right now! Help have conversations with Trump supporters and register voters with this ongoing activism.

  • Open Secrets

    Nonprofit organization that tracks money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy.

  • Our Revolution

    Web site of Bernie's post-election organization.

  • Run for Office

    Ever wonder what positions you could run for where you live? Plug in your address, and Run for Office will tell you.

  • Sister District Project

    Targets congressional districts that are red but could swing blue (or need help staying blue) and pairs them each with a specific, safely blue district in close geographic proximity that will provide grassroots volunteer resources.

  • State Innovation Exchange

    Supports progressive state legislators with research, training, strategy and communications support, and connections to grassroots organizations.

  • Swing Left

    Find your closest swing district and join its team to support progressives—and defeat Republicans—in that district, no matter where you live.

  • Working Families Party

    Political party fighting for a progressive agenda. They also regularly organize resistance actions---find your state chapter and get involved.