It’s so important to take regular action on issues you care about. Scroll down (and keep scrolling!) for the best resources on how you can get more involved.

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Current Category: Influence Your Representatives
  • Advocacy Training: Meeting with Elected Officials

    Training materials on holding in-district meetings with your congressional reps.

  • Call My Congress

    Look up your representatives, their contact info, and links to their voting records. Check out “Call Trump Out” for an alternative that does the same thing.

  • Call The Halls

    Guide from Emily Ellsworth on contacting and effectively influencing your representative. Available for free or for a donation.

  • Countable

    Countable makes it quick and easy to understand the laws Congress is considering. They also streamline the process of contacting your lawmaker.


    Nonprofit organization that monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players. Use it to track what politicians are saying and to keep them accountable!

  • Fax Zero

    If your representative's phone line is clogged, why not send a fax?

  • GovTrack

    Tracks the United States Congress and helps Americans understand what is going on in their national legislature. You can sign up for legislative tracking alerts and get detailed information on the content and status of bills going through Congress.

  • Guide to Action for Democracy

    Thorough and well organized document on the political battles being fought now and how you can make your voice heard. Also includes actions to take depending on the issues you care about most.

  • Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

    Step-by-step guide for those looking to replicate the Tea Party’s success in getting Congress to listen to a small, vocal, dedicated group of constituents.

  • League of Women Voter’s: Elected Official Finder

    There are a lot of "find your representative" tools out there. This one by the League of Women Voters goes all the way down to the local level. Just plug in your zip code!

  • List of Apps to Track and Contact Congress

    This blog post from the Library of Congress lists a number of apps that help you contact your congressperson. Some apps also include news and information about bills moving through Congress.

  • Reaching Your Congressfolks

    This guide by a former Congressional staffer offers advice on how to get representatives to take notice. The big takeaway? Phone calls. For more from Emily Ellsworth on reaching your congressperson, read her articles here and here.

  • The Madison Project

    Created by the Open Government Foundation, the Madison project puts you in charge of drafting legislation. Documents being submitted at any government level can be read, reviewed, commented on, and changed by citizens during the drafting process.

  • Tracking Congress in the Age of Trump

    How often every member of the House and the Senate votes with or against the President.

  • Trump Promised

    An informal tally of all of Trump’s campaign promises, along with progress toward each. Useful for knowing which promises to fight and which to hold him accountable to.

  • – How to Contact Your Elected Officials

    How to contact basically anyone involved in government.

  • Vote Smart

    Review your representative's voting history, public statements, campaign finances, and third-party ratings.

  • Votespotter

    This app alerts you when your representatives vote on bills, so you can provide feedback.