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Current Category: Boycott Businesses
  • Boycott Trump App

    Free app that allows users to search a database of over 250 businesses to determine if they share a connection to Trump.

  • Boycott Trump Products

    List of companies to boycott because they support Trump and companies to support because they denounce Trump.

  • Don’t Pay Trump

    This extension warns you before you shop on a site that carries Trump-brand products.

  • In Great Company

    A listing of corporations and where they stand on the Trump Administration’s immigration ban.

  • Injustice Boycott

    An organized stand against racial injustice and police brutality in America.

  • Sleeping Giants

    A Twitter campaign working to stop racist websites like Brietbart by stopping their ad dollars.

  • The #GrabYourWallet Boycott List

    A list of companies that do business with, or back, the Trump family. Also features a “Trump Free Alternatives” list.

  • The DJT Resistance – Boycott List

    List of companies whose founders, owners, or CEOs are prominent supporters of Donald Trump.