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Current Category: Get Action Alerts
  • #opposition

    Daily action alerts. Mostly educational.

  • 2 Hours A Week

    Daily action alerts. Straightforward and easy to read.

  • 3NoTrump

    Weekly action alerts. Three actions every Tuesday.

  • 5 Calls

    Offers calls you can make, right now. Provides phone numbers and scripts so calling is quick and easy. Uses your location to find your reps.

  • Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience

    Weekly action alerts. Very well researched.

  • Action Hub

    All of the action alerts, all in one place. Complies other sites' actions and sends a single daily email. You can also follow on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Alder

    Alder is an app that sends you one political action to take every day.

  • America Will Be

    Weekly action alerts. Focused on influencing the media and its coverage of politics.

  • Daily Action

    Daily action alerts. Sent via text message.

  • Do A Thing

    Daily action alerts. Personal tone, lots of cute animal pictures.

  • Fight Trump

    Provides daily, weekly, and monthly calls to action and ways to fight Trump.

  • Five Minute Resistance

    Lists many of the calls to action that have been circulating since Nov. 8.  Also has an events page.

  • Flippable

    Working to flip state legislatures. Provides data on the most flippable seats and suggest actions to win these seats.

  • My Civic Workout

    Weekly actions you can take on various progressive causes, aimed at new activists. Actions start at 5 minutes in length, with options to take 15 or 30 minute actions.

  • Orange Resistance

    Daily action alerts. Focused on fighting oppression in the Trump era -- racial oppression, religious oppression, gender oppression, immigrant oppression, and climate oppression.

  • Project 1461

    Trump will spend 1,461 days in office. For every one of these days, Project 1461 will share a political action that you can take to return Congress to the Democrats and make Trump a one-term president.

  • re:act

    A list of a few concrete things you can do to take action during the Trump presidency. Delivered via e-mail once a week.

  • Rogan’s List

    Daily action alerts. Clear and comprehensive list of actions you can take each day. Highly recommended.

  • Small Deeds Done

    Weekly action alerts. Conversational tone, includes explanations of current issues.

  • Tell All Your Friends

    Website that features action alerts relevant now. No email list.

  • The 65

    Offers concrete calls to action, numbers to call, scripts for talking to congressional staffers, and more. The 65 is the fancy new website of the "We're His Problem Now Calling Sheet."

  • The Activist Cartel

    Subscribe and receive an email every 2 weeks with specific actions that you can take on women's rights.

  • The Least Among Us

    Weekly newsletter with ideas for donations and action items to fight for the least among us in a time of turmoil.

  • The Loyal Opposition

    Daily action alerts by email: Focused on autocracy, Constitution, corruption & vulnerable communities.

  • The Progress Report (Center for American Progress)

    Daily updates and action alerts from across the progressive movement, compiled by the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Highly recommended!

  • Wall-of-Us

    Four recommended actions sent to you via email each week. Well researched and sourced, aimed at different issues and different levels of government.

  • Weekly Actions to Resist Trump

    Weekly action alerts. Includes a neat counter so you can see how many people took action.