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Current Category:
  • #opposition

    Daily action alerts. Mostly educational.

  • 2 Hours A Week

    Daily action alerts. Straightforward and easy to read.

  • 3NoTrump

    Weekly action alerts. Three actions every Tuesday.

  • 5 Calls

    Offers calls you can make, right now. Provides phone numbers and scripts so calling is quick and easy. Uses your location to find your reps.

  • Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience

    Weekly action alerts. Very well researched.

  • Action Group Network

    Beau Willimon, creator of House of Cards, launched this network of action groups post-election. An action group is 10-50 people organized by location, issue, or profession who work together toward concrete actions important to them.

  • Action Hub

    All of the action alerts, all in one place. Complies other sites' actions and sends a single daily email. You can also follow on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Action Together Network

    A network of locally focused grassroots groups that has arisen since the 2016 election.

  • Advocacy Training: Meeting with Elected Officials

    Training materials on holding in-district meetings with your congressional reps.

  • Alder

    Alder is an app that sends you one political action to take every day.

  • America Will Be

    Weekly action alerts. Focused on influencing the media and its coverage of politics.

  • Boycott Trump App

    Free app that allows users to search a database of over 250 businesses to determine if they share a connection to Trump.

  • Boycott Trump Products

    List of companies to boycott because they support Trump and companies to support because they denounce Trump.

  • Brand New Congress

    Political action group designed to recruit and run 400+ candidates as a single, unified campaign for Congress in 2018.

  • Call My Congress

    Look up your representatives, their contact info, and links to their voting records. Check out “Call Trump Out” for an alternative that does the same thing.

  • Call The Halls

    Guide from Emily Ellsworth on contacting and effectively influencing your representative. Available for free or for a donation.

  • Countable

    Countable makes it quick and easy to understand the laws Congress is considering. They also streamline the process of contacting your lawmaker.

  • Daily Action

    Daily action alerts. Sent via text message.

  • Democracy for America

    Member-driven political action committee founded by former presidential candidate Howard Dean. Recruits and trains progressive candidates, conducts activist trainings, and runs issue-focused campaigns.

  • Do A Thing

    Daily action alerts. Personal tone, lots of cute animal pictures.

  • Don’t Pay Trump

    This extension warns you before you shop on a site that carries Trump-brand products.

  • Donate Bigly: Small Hands vs. Big Hearts

    Site that helps you donate to specific organizations in the name of your choice of cabinet nominee - patterned on the donations to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence's name.


    Nonprofit organization that monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players. Use it to track what politicians are saying and to keep them accountable!

  • Fax Zero

    If your representative's phone line is clogged, why not send a fax?

  • Fight Trump

    Provides daily, weekly, and monthly calls to action and ways to fight Trump.

  • Five Minute Resistance

    Lists many of the calls to action that have been circulating since Nov. 8.  Also has an events page.

  • Flippable

    Working to flip state legislatures. Provides data on the most flippable seats and suggest actions to win these seats.

  • Funders for Justice

    Provides an exhaustive listing of organizations working on police accountability and racial justice.

  • GovTrack

    Tracks the United States Congress and helps Americans understand what is going on in their national legislature. You can sign up for legislative tracking alerts and get detailed information on the content and status of bills going through Congress.

  • Guide to Action for Democracy

    Thorough and well organized document on the political battles being fought now and how you can make your voice heard. Also includes actions to take depending on the issues you care about most.

  • How to talk to your loved ones about a Donald Trump presidency

    Guidance on how to have conversations with Trump supporters, including general principles and specific talking points.

  • In Great Company

    A listing of corporations and where they stand on the Trump Administration’s immigration ban.

  • Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

    Step-by-step guide for those looking to replicate the Tea Party’s success in getting Congress to listen to a small, vocal, dedicated group of constituents.

  • Indivisible: Local Groups

    Indivisible, of the popular Indivisible Action Guide, is coordinating a network of small, very local groups to use their tactics to resist Trump's agenda. Create your own group, or find an existing one on their map.

  • Injustice Boycott

    An organized stand against racial injustice and police brutality in America.

  • Justice Democrats

    An initiative to run non-corporate-sponsored politicians in 2018, rebuilding the Democratic Party with progressives.

  • Knock Every Door

    On the grounds that it is never too early to plan for 2018, this group of Democrats (mostly Bernie Sanders supporters) are getting out the democratic ground game right now! Help have conversations with Trump supporters and register voters with this ongoing activism.

  • League of Women Voter’s: Elected Official Finder

    There are a lot of "find your representative" tools out there. This one by the League of Women Voters goes all the way down to the local level. Just plug in your zip code!

  • Library of Resistance

    The Library of Resistance is a huge list of resistance-related book suggestions, spanning philosophy, politics, and concrete resistance tactics. It was created by Rebecca Solnit and her commentariat. The list is available, in slightly different form, on both Zotero and Goodreads.

  • List of Apps to Track and Contact Congress

    This blog post from the Library of Congress lists a number of apps that help you contact your congressperson. Some apps also include news and information about bills moving through Congress.

  • Love Army

    The #LoveArmy fights hate with love + power. They coordinate regular actions and bring people together in large and small gatherings.

  • Movement 2017

    Movement Voter Project (MVP) is a service to donors. We talent-scout both national movement-building efforts and local efforts in all 50 states that are focused on voter engagement. These are organizations where an extra $10 or $100,000 will make the greatest difference.

  • My Civic Workout

    Weekly actions you can take on various progressive causes, aimed at new activists. Actions start at 5 minutes in length, with options to take 15 or 30 minute actions.

  • Open Secrets

    Nonprofit organization that tracks money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy.

  • Orange Resistance

    Daily action alerts. Focused on fighting oppression in the Trump era -- racial oppression, religious oppression, gender oppression, immigrant oppression, and climate oppression.

  • Organizations That Need Your Support

    Online article detailing a few organizations that fight for the rights of our most vulnerable populations and ways you can volunteer or donate.

  • Organizing for Action

    Political action group supporting a progressive change agenda. Originally started to elect Barack Obama, but has continued since then.

  • Organizing for Action: Organizing Manual

    From Obama's grassroots organization, manual provides guidance to organizers at all levels.

  • Our Revolution

    Web site of Bernie's post-election organization.

  • Pantsuit Nation Resources

    A very large and loosely curated set of resources on progressive politics and progressive issues.

  • Post-Election Sanity Guide

    Analysis of what happened in the 2016 election. Formatted as 10 simple questions and answers. Includes recommendations of actions to take.

  • Presterity

    A Wikipedia-esque database and very deep historical record on the Trump administration. It includes tracking who is in the administration (and their entire political history), what policies are being put into place (including past comments, tweets, and other details), and similar.

  • Project 1461

    Trump will spend 1,461 days in office. For every one of these days, Project 1461 will share a political action that you can take to return Congress to the Democrats and make Trump a one-term president.

  • RageDonate

    Daily opportunity to donate to Rage Against Hate's organization of choice, all tied to civil rights.

  • re:act

    A list of a few concrete things you can do to take action during the Trump presidency. Delivered via e-mail once a week.

  • Reaching Your Congressfolks

    This guide by a former Congressional staffer offers advice on how to get representatives to take notice. The big takeaway? Phone calls. For more from Emily Ellsworth on reaching your congressperson, read her articles here and here.

  • Reclaim the American Dream

    This site gives you models for successful progressive causes to emulate, and offers step-by-step guides to making progressive change.

  • Resistance Manual

    A giant wiki that has resources on every facet of the resistance. The site is always growing.

  • Resources for Video Activists

    A library of free resources for video activists and anyone who might use video as an activism tool, from the nonprofit organization Witness.

  • Rise Stronger

    RISE is working to become the largest citizen watchdog organization in the U.S., with the mission of empowering Americans to monitor and take action.

  • Rogan’s List

    Daily action alerts. Clear and comprehensive list of actions you can take each day. Highly recommended.

  • Run for Office

    Ever wonder what positions you could run for where you live? Plug in your address, and Run for Office will tell you.

  • Sister District Project

    Targets congressional districts that are red but could swing blue (or need help staying blue) and pairs them each with a specific, safely blue district in close geographic proximity that will provide grassroots volunteer resources.

  • Sleeping Giants

    A Twitter campaign working to stop racist websites like Brietbart by stopping their ad dollars.

  • Small Deeds Done

    Weekly action alerts. Conversational tone, includes explanations of current issues.

  • Start an Action Pod

    Step-by-step info on starting an Action Pod, a group of friends that help each other get active and stay active on issues they care about.

  • State Innovation Exchange

    Supports progressive state legislators with research, training, strategy and communications support, and connections to grassroots organizations.

  • Stay Nasty America

    An extensive list of organizations to support, organized by state and by issue area. Great resource!

  • SURJ Activism Resources

    A useful list of activism resources from SURJ, a national network organizing white people for racial justice.

  • Swing Left

    Find your closest swing district and join its team to support progressives—and defeat Republicans—in that district, no matter where you live.

  • Tell All Your Friends

    Website that features action alerts relevant now. No email list.

  • The #GrabYourWallet Boycott List

    A list of companies that do business with, or back, the Trump family. Also features a “Trump Free Alternatives” list.

  • The 65

    Offers concrete calls to action, numbers to call, scripts for talking to congressional staffers, and more. The 65 is the fancy new website of the "We're His Problem Now Calling Sheet."

  • The Activist Cartel

    Subscribe and receive an email every 2 weeks with specific actions that you can take on women's rights.

  • The DJT Resistance – Boycott List

    List of companies whose founders, owners, or CEOs are prominent supporters of Donald Trump.

  • The Least Among Us

    Weekly newsletter with ideas for donations and action items to fight for the least among us in a time of turmoil.

  • The Loyal Opposition

    Daily action alerts by email: Focused on autocracy, Constitution, corruption & vulnerable communities.

  • The Madison Project

    Created by the Open Government Foundation, the Madison project puts you in charge of drafting legislation. Documents being submitted at any government level can be read, reviewed, commented on, and changed by citizens during the drafting process.

  • The People’s Calendar

    Compiled by Rise Stronger, this calendar tracks all the major events happening as quickly as they can find them.

  • The Progress Report (Center for American Progress)

    Daily updates and action alerts from across the progressive movement, compiled by the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Highly recommended!

  • The Resistance Calendar

    Calendar of rallies and events in many different cities. Launched by Michael Moore.

  • This Is My Oath

    Educational and activism resources on 12 issues under threat by Trump. Offers organizations to donate to and easy ways to volunteer and take action.

  • Together List

    A searchable, filterable list of organizations around the country working on issues that matter. Easy to use interface.

  • Together We Will

    A network of locally focused grassroots groups that has arisen since the 2016 election, plus actions and resources.

  • Town Hall Project

    An effort to compile the town halls, office hours, and other public appearances of every Representative and Senator.

  • Tracking Congress in the Age of Trump

    How often every member of the House and the Senate votes with or against the President.

  • Trump Promised

    An informal tally of all of Trump’s campaign promises, along with progress toward each. Useful for knowing which promises to fight and which to hold him accountable to.

  • Trump Syllabus

    A syllabus of books and articles about the Trump era and how it came to be.

  • – How to Contact Your Elected Officials

    How to contact basically anyone involved in government.

  • Voice

    Online tool that facilitates thinking and helps you turn intense emotion about the election into constructive action.

  • Vote Smart

    Review your representative's voting history, public statements, campaign finances, and third-party ratings.

  • Votespotter

    This app alerts you when your representatives vote on bills, so you can provide feedback.

  • Wall-of-Us

    Four recommended actions sent to you via email each week. Well researched and sourced, aimed at different issues and different levels of government.

  • WDID Organization Map

    Our own map-based and filterable database of local organizations working on specific issues.

  • WeBot

    A facebook bot that will message you with updates, information, and tips on protests and other events near you.

  • Weekly Actions to Resist Trump

    Weekly action alerts. Includes a neat counter so you can see how many people took action.

  • What do I do about the Environment and Public Lands?

    An introduction to environmental and public lands issues, with links to a number of different ways to learn more, get involved, and donate to organizations. 

  • Working Families Party

    Political party fighting for a progressive agenda. They also regularly organize resistance actions---find your state chapter and get involved.

  • Writing a Letter to the Editor

    Guide on getting letters to the editor published. The website (from the Friends Committee on National Legislation) also offers a number of other advocacy tools and resources.