Jen’s activism checklist: All the issues not getting air time because of AHCA

Healthcare is at the top of everyone’s mind right now. So, I’m including several healthcare actions. However, there are numerous (okay, a lot of) topics not getting enough attention as a result of AHCA. This week’s checklist is longer than usual as a result. Choose the issues that are most important to you and our democracy. Do what you can.

Daily Grab Back: Daily Newsletter 6/25/2017

Your DGB for today is to look into options for proclaiming your home or business a safe space. Since the election, neighborhoods have come together to protest hatred and bigotry with different exterior displays. One popular way of demonstrating inclusiveness is the rainbow peace flag, which you can find on Amazon.

Progressive Action, Global Exchange: Make your voice heard for affordable healthcare and against discrimination

There is still a lot left to do: affordable healthcare continues to be under attack – but with 5 Republican senators coming out against it, there is momentum that we can add our voices to! In the meanwhile, discrimination, hate and police brutality continues to deal terrible blows to Muslim and black communities and cops continue to be acquitted for shooting people of color (three this week!).

Daily Grab Back: Daily Newsletter 6/24/2017

Your DGB for today is to sign up at Flippable and get involved in turning state legislatures and governorships blue. While many folks are focused on the big race in 2020, mid-terms in 2018, or special elections, Flippable’s aim is to get Democrats elected at the state level – in state legislatures and in governor’s mansions across the country.

Rogan’s List: Today’s “To-do” List

The Senate rolled out its latest assault on our health care on Thursday, and it is a disaster. It’s going to stop millions of people from being able to afford insurance and dramatically cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans. Many of us live in states with two Democratic senators (and others have already called our Republican senators so many times they recognize our numbers!), so here are a list of actions we can take to move Republican votes from blue states (and red ones, too).

RISE Stronger: It’s Go Time

Yesterday, the Senate released their initial version of TrumpCare, officially known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act. News flash. It is still awful. Highlights include an elimination of the individual mandate, billions of dollars of cuts to Medicaid, a loss of health care for millions, a freeze to Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funding, and massive tax incentives for the wealthy.

The Progress Report: It Dropped. And No One Is Happy.

Yesterday, after Senate Republicans released their version of Trumpcare, dozens of people headed to Washington National Airport to let Senators know exactly how they felt about it. Disability rights activists staged “die ins” at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office, and this weekend Americans are standing up to #ResistTrumpcare throughout the country. Check out Resistance Near Me to find events near you.