Send a postcard to denounce Steve Bannon for Chief White House Strategist

The issue: Steve Bannon is the executive director of Breitbart News, which has been called out as a “fake news source” by Professor published in the LA Times here.   Get informed about the types of stories that run in Breitbart News here. He has been named Chief of Staff by President-Elect Donald Trump.   What you can do today: Sign […] Continue Reading

What do I Tell My Students?

Procedure (minimum 90 minutes) 1)Reflection: Teacher tells students, “For 5 minutes, please write how you feel about the election results. Do not stop writing for the entire time. You may write “I don’t know” until more thoughts come to you. Remind students that what they write is private and does not need to be shared with anyone including the teacher. […] Continue Reading

Subscribe to a newspaper

The issue:  There is rampant misinformation floating around Facebook, Google and the internet at large.  Get informed here and here, too.  What you can do today: Commit to relying on curated sources of information.  Balanced news sources will not always tell you what you want to hear, but it will help you to be more informed.  We cannot afford to stay in […] Continue Reading

Sign a petition to abolish Electoral College

The issue: The electoral college is a gatekeeper to the presidential election.  Twice in the last 20 years the candidate with the most popular votes lost.  Get informed on the electoral college system and its origins here and here.  Senator Barbara Boxer has proposed a bill to abolish the Electoral College and there are related petitions.  Get informed here and here. What […] Continue Reading

Donate $1 to Planned Parenthood in VP-Elect Mike Pence’s Name

The issue: A woman’s right to an abortion is in jeopardy.  Get informed.    What you can do today: Donate $1 to Planned Parenthood.   Make the donation in honor of Mike Pence, Vice President Elect.  Planned Parenthood will send an official acknowledgement to his office.   Michael Pence 200 W. Washington St., Rm. 206, Indianapolis, IN 46204f Take Action […] Continue Reading