3NoTrump: ❤Weekly Resistance Actions: June 27, 2017❤

While the vote has just been delayed, and several conservative and moderate Republicans have come out against the bill, the party leadership has expressed confidence that this bill could pass through an intense “us vs. them” strategy. Therefore, we have to keep up the pressure, even on those Republicans who have come out against the bill, to make sure they don’t succumb to backroom deals, as well as continue to urge other GOP Senators to oppose this life-threatening legislation.

Take Action Now, The Nation: How You Can Fight to Save Our Health Care

Keep calling your senators to demand that they reject the Republican’s “health care” bill. This time around, ask specifically for the legislative assistant handling health care. Indivisible has a good guide that lists names and contact information, along with data on how the bill would likely impact your state. After you call, take a few minutes to contact friends and family in key states with Republicans on the fence about the bill and urge them to do the same.

Call Them In: Call to Action: Stop the AHCA!

Senate Republicans are attempting to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA) without any public review of the bill and its contents—indeed, without any review whatsoever. By refusing to examine the AHCA and its effects openly, the GOP is subjecting the American people to potentially destructive laws without their informed consent. In fact, the bill itself contains many provisions that will prove harmful to millions of Americans if enacted:

My Civic Workout: Health Care: Never Gonna Give It Up

This is an all-hands-on-deck situation, so for step one, call, text, or email a friend and remind them to call their senators. Try to think of someone who has a Republican senator who’s expressed concerns about the current bill.

Center for American Progress Action Fund: Our health is on the line and…

Here’s what you can do: go to trumpcaretoolkit.org and call the senators who are still on the fence. Our calls must serve as a counterweight to Mitch McConnnell’s cynical efforts to carve out special deals in order to secure passage of this horrible bill. Our voices matter. Our voices count. Together, we can preserve health care insurance for our families and neighbors.

Michele at Small Deeds Done: Weekly Pep Talk and Action List

Right now I need you to stop reading this and pick up your telephone. Call your Senators. Send them a fax with ResistBot. Tweet to them (Twitter accounts for Senators can be found here.). Facebook them. Right now, we need to push harder than we’ve pushed yet.

5 Calls: See Your Senators’ Position on Trumpcare

Visit our Trumpcare tracker pages to make a call to your Senators and ask them how they’re planning to vote on the Trumpcare bill. Enter that information via the response buttons and help contribute data about how the Senate plans to vote. If your Senator is listed as an Unknown vote, call them every day to demand they take a stance on Trumpcare and the removal of insurance for 22 Million Americans.

Rogan’s List: Today’s “To-do” List

Some reports are stating that the call volume on the Senate health care bill is nowhere near the volume of calls during the House version.
Let’s change that! CALL!!

America Will Be: Actions & Links

By Friday: Amend Trumpcare. Well, not really. The Republicans won’t actually adopt them. But, each one takes a few minutes to read into the Senate record. So, Senate Dems are collecting as many as they can to try to slow the bill’s passage until after the July 4th resource so Senators have to go home and face their constituents. Submit amendments here.

2 Hours A Week: ACTION 166: Local Tuesdays : DC, NY, CA – DC stop trumpcare!

Join this week’s The People’s Filibuster to Stop Trumpcare with Move On, Planned Parenthood, SEIU, Women’s March and many more, at the United States Capitol to stop the Republican effort to take away our health care. Senate Majority Leader McConnell wants to vote this week, but if just 3 Republicans reject Trumpcare, it can’t pass.