Shannon & Jane: Doing A Thing: Healthcare and Housekeeping

Maeby making the face we all make while reading the news these days.
Shannon AND Jane here. The Congressional Budget Office released their score for the Senate healthcare bill…and it is not good. Though you now have some ammo to use with your senators, like the fact that 22 million fewer Americans would have health insurance. (You may be seeing headlines like this one — remember it’s not over ’til it’s over.)
Take a moment to call your senators now and tell them how concerned you are. Even if you’ve been calling already. Especially if you’ve been hiding your head inside your hoodie like a turtle these past few days. If you don’t have Republican senators, consider sending a note to a friend who does, and urge them to call.
Now, a housekeeping matter:
Some of you have noticed that you haven’t been getting Do A Thing emails everyday — or given the amount of political drama to follow, maybe you haven’t, which is cool too. So we’ll cut right to it: Do A Thing will no longer be a regular thing.
Truth is, we’ve both been pretty busy working on other projects. Specifically, the projects that pay the bills, and seeking out long-term volunteer opportunities in our communities — things that no one else can do, and that make a more local but still enduring impact.
As you can imagine, it takes quite a bit of time to pull together even a short letter to send everyday. Luckily, over the last few months, we’ve noticed other individuals and organizations stepping up to provide similar services – and many of those folks are bringing their much-needed political and organizing expertise to their calls to action. Here are some folks to follow, if you don’t already:
That’s not to say DAT is over forever. We’ll still use this list if there’s a big call to action you should know about, and we encourage you to send any tips you have about those. In the meantime, keep doing a thing, and please keep in touch!
— Jane & Shannon
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