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We Have One Week To Save Health Care.

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We Have Two Days To Stop Millions From Losing Coverage

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Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office revealed that 22 million Americans will lose health care coverage if the Senate’s health care bill becomes law. People with coverage would be forced to pay more. That’s astonishing. Consider this: premiums for a 64-year old with middle-class income will increase from $6,800 under the Affordable Care Act, to $20,500 under the Senate’s health care bill! At the same time, the richest top 1% would see an average tax cut of $45,000 per year. The richest .01% would save $250,000! We must stop this grotesque transfer of wealth.

Here’s what you can do: go to and call the senators who are still on the fence. Our calls must serve as a counterweight to Mitch McConnnell’s cynical efforts to carve out special deals in order to secure passage of this horrible bill. Our voices matter. Our voices count. Together, we can preserve health care insurance for our families and neighbors.
We have days to save health care! Pick up the phone and call these key senators →
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