Call Them In: Call to Action: Stop the AHCA!

Senate Republicans are attempting to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA) without any public review of the bill and its contents—indeed, without any review whatsoever. By refusing to examine the AHCA and its effects openly, the GOP is subjecting the American people to potentially destructive laws without their informed consent. In fact, the bill itself contains many provisions that will prove harmful to millions of Americans if enacted:

  • Drastic cuts to Medicaid, which currently provides health insurance to over 46 million Americans
  • Tax credits for people seeking to buy insurance that would favor the wealthy over the poor, restricting health care access to those most in need of it
  • Loss of jobs in the healthcare industry and draining of federal funds due to repealed taxes that could put thousands of Americans out of work.

Yesterday the CBO estimated that 22 million people would lose insurance under the AHCA. The AHCA has been proven time and again to be nothing more than a financial gift to the wealthy at great cost to the poor, and now the GOP is trying to push it through by morally bankrupt means.

Americans will suffer if the AHCA is made law, and it is our responsibility to fight against it. Call your senators today and tell them that this bill must be stopped.


Hello my name is {NAME} and I live in [your state].

I am calling to ask [your senators] to vote against the American Health Care Act. The AHCA will leave millions of Americans without health insurance, and could be deadly. Lifetime coverage limits, cuts to Medicaid and tax cuts that favor the wealthy will hurt our country and our economy. If [Senator] wants to stand up for the people of California they must vote no on this harmful bill.

Thank you.

Thank you for your action,
Call Them In Team

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