Michele at Small Deeds Done: Do you need a hug?


Do you need a hug?


A pep talk for the patriotic

Bring it in, friend.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this lemon (although that’s delicious and you should try it). We wanted a win in the Georgia 6th and we didn’t get it. There’s plenty of time to talk about the lessons and the silver linings. But right now, I’m more interested in how you’re doing, and how I can help. You know, this movement isn’t just a movement – it’s a coalition of hearts and souls that care deeply about this amazingly messy country. We’re nothing without you. So, tell me. How can I help? Just hit reply to this e-mail, send me a DM on Facebook, or e-mail me at hello@smalldeedsdone and tell me how you’re doing. I promise that I’ll respond to every one of your messages – and not with some cheesy auto response. I’m looking forward to our chat. In the meantime, consider yourself hugged. Peace out- Michele


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