Small Steps for a Big Impact: Your five-minute action item: June 18, 2017


Good morning! It’s working… We’ve heard a lot about the special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district on Tuesday between Jon Ossoff (D) and Karen Handel (R, Trumpist). The reason this is an exciting race is because it is very, very close, in a district Mitt Romney won by 20 points (though Trump only won by 1.5 points). On the down side, it’s the most expensive House race eve, which is very frustrating and speaks to the essential need to get this kind of money out of our electoral system. …so let’s keep going  It’s Sunday. Pick something you didn’t do this week and do it. Your task To respond to the tragic miscarriage of justice that is the Philando Castile verdict, go here. To talk to your friends who live in ten key states about the Senate health care bill, go here. Email template already written for you to send them! So easy! To call your members of Congress about sensible gun laws in the wake of the TWO mass shootings that occurred on the same day this past week, go here. To donate (even just $3) to an organization that helps people get to their polling place or donate directly to a promising Democratic campaign in an upcoming race, go here. To ask your Senators for a sensible approach to strengthening our health care system, go here. To beg your members of Congress to take seriously and act on the fact that our elections were tampered with and will be tampered with again (regardless of and separate from anything related to Trump’s involvement), go here. And don’t forget to get some postcards and stamps for actions like this one the next time you’re at the drugstore! Sources

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