Progressive Action, Global Exchange via PAGE Weekly Actions: TrumpCare, Cuba, and the Movement for Black Lives

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Dear PAGE Activist, Some good news this week! Trump announced he will uphold DACA, allowing immigrants who arrived in the US as children to stay. Our actions do have an impact. However, his administration is still going after DREAMers and other immigrants, so we need to keep fighting. Below you’ll find our priority actions for this week. As always, our weekly actions are curated for US-Americans abroad and global citizens. If this is your first time receiving a PAGE email, please check out our website and resources for starting a PAGE group. – PAGE Global Coordinating Committee Priority Actions:

  • Oppose the Cuba Embargo. Trump’s decision to roll back Obama’s progress with Cuba is reactionary, hypocritical, and damaging to Cubans, US Americans, and US foreign policy. He’s using the excuse of human rights, even as he sells weapons to countries engaged in human rights violations. Sign this petition to ask Congress to intervene and return the land at Guantanamo to Cuba.
  • Support the Movement for Black Lives. This week, gun violence has been in the news in the US once again – largely because a white man shot Republican congresspeople, staffers, and security on June 14. No shooting is acceptable, and our thoughts are with the survivors of this tragedy. However, we know that the news coverage and response would have been very different if the shooter was a person of color, Muslim, Arab, or immigrant. The White House and others are trying to use this event for their own causes, ignoring the need for increased gun control. Their policies continue to hurt communities of color the most. So this week, if you read up or support one thing, let it be the Movement for Black Lives. Their platform opposes the criminalization of black and brown bodies, mass surveillance, militarization of law enforcement, and mass incarceration.

Bonus Action: Take care of each other! We’re 6 months into Trump’s presidency, and it may be feeling challenging to keep up the energy. Take time to build community with those in your PAGE group or other social/resistance circles. is promoting Resistance Community Cookouts across the US over the next few weeks. Can you host one abroad? Perhaps pair it with a discussion of a short reading from our anti-oppression resource list.

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