Center for American Progress Action Fund: Sign this card for all moms.

Center for American Progress Action Fund

Sign this card for all moms.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day—a time when we’re supposed to be celebrating our moms and spending time with family. But last week, the House of Representatives voted for a health care bill that makes being a mother a pre-existing condition and could lead to women bring denied health insurance based solely on their gender.

Trumpcare is especially bad for women.

It guts Medicaid, defunds Planned Parenthood, undermines comprehensive health coverage (including maternity coverage), and even makes pregnancy a pre-existing condition. Not only would this bill cause millions of women and children to go uninsured, it would be particularly devastating for low-income families.

Add your name to this Mother’s Day card and we’ll deliver it to Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Mitch McConnell on Monday. It’s time to tell Congressional leadership that we will not stand for this attack on our health care.

We can’t go back to charging women more for health care just because of their gender. Add your name today if you agree that all Americans—women and children included—deserve equal access to affordable, quality health care.

Thank you!

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