Call Them In: Make the Call: Shut Down Trumpty Dumpty’s Wall


Voting on the federal budget will take place this Friday, and Republicans are ready to move forward with President Trump’s wall, estimated to cost between $22 and $40 billion dollars. If this happens, President Trump and GOP officials will have made it clear that American taxpayers will be footing the bill.
Let’s talk about Trump’s Wall:
  • Dating back to the Bush Administration’s Secure Fence Act of 2006, the wall secured only 670 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border but cost roughly $2.4 billion dollars. [1]
  • The U.S. border with Mexico is roughly 2,000 miles long. President Trump’s wall will be barely longer than the current border fence (roughly $70 billion to build, and $150 million a year to maintain). The wall is estimated to take 3.5 years to build. [2]
  • Trump is determined to make Mexico pay, but will use American tax dollars first. Mexico has no intention of funding this wall. [3]
  • President Trump intends to move forward with the wall even if funds are not granted this Friday. He plans to begin with 26 miles of fence, targeting the borderlines of San Diego, California; El Paso, Texas; and Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. [4]
  • 58 percent of Americans are against President Trump’s wall, while only 28 percent support it. [5]
American Democrats are united against the wall, with much Republican support, and the American taxpayer is against building the wall. Call your senator today and tell them you stand with the majority who are against building President Trump’s wall, and that your Senators should too.



I’m calling to ask _______ to shut down President Trump’s wall for good.
The Democrats are holding a strong front against funding President Trump’s wall this week, but this week is not enough. President Trump plans to move forward with this wall, costing American taxpayers an estimated 70 billion dollars to build and 150 million dollars a year to maintain. We are asking senators to cut this expense for good. Shut down President Trump’s wall.
Thank you.
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