Together We Will via Together We Will USA – Actions for week of April 17


Does Trump think he can bomb his way out of the Russian scandal? Keep the American people distracted from calls for his impeachment due to nepotism and self-dealing? It’s time to let our members of Congress know how we feel while they are at home on recess. And by participating in Science Marches on Earth Day (April 22), we can also voice our opposition to this administration’s boost of dirty energy sources, denial of climate change, and attempts to eliminate the EPA.

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Congress in on recess again —this is time specifically set aside for members of Congress to meet with constituents and get the pulse of the communities they represent. This is the perfect time to raise our voices. We will show up at our elected officials’ events, town halls, other public appearances, and even plan our own events, if they refuse to meet with us.  We will make it clear to those who represent us, as well as to the media, that tolerance of Trump’s hurtful agenda is unacceptable and politically toxic.     Find and attend a local event near you

Saturday, April 22nd (various times and locations)   On Earth Day, join a historic march for science around the world. Let’s show our support for the role of science in a diverse society. A wealth of opinions, perspectives, and ideas is critical for the scientific process.   Learn more and find a local march near you at

Saturday, April 29th (various times and locations)   Join the People’s Climate Movement in Washington, D.C. and across the country to stand up for our communities and climate. Together we will work toward our vision of a clean, safe world where the rights of all people are protected. We resist, build, and rise in the face of threats to our communities.   Learn more and find a march near you at


How can we bring attention and aid to the humanitarian crisis in Syria? Keep up with what’s happening through the Syria Tracker website, and learn how you can donate your time and/or money through the International Rescue Committee.     Check out these 3 tools for activists!


TWW North Carolina distributes over 500 “We’re Glad You’re Our Neighbor” Signs

Haters have torched 4 “We’re Glad You’re Our Neighbor” signs in North Carolina, but TWW NC is spreading the love by distributing over 500 of these signs with a positive message in different languages, including Arabic!

Learn how TWW North Carolina is working to make sure the message of welcome and tolerance does not go up in flames.

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