#LoveArmy Team: We need your help with this Action

The Dream Corps

Yesterday, Van Jones and the #LoveArmy Team announced that together, we’re going to do everything we can to save the health benefits of more than 20,000 coal miners. Here’s why:


This is one of the most important fights of this year. If we don’t stand up for coal miner retirees and their families today, then we will set a precedent that it is okay to take away the benefits of retired teachers, nurses, and so many more.

Can we count on you to take action to protect at-risk coal miners today? We need all the help we can to make sure the Miners Protection Act passes.

We believe that all of us must take action to support these retired miners. This isn’t about who you voted for or where you live — it is about basic fairness and decency. It is about standing in solidarity with those afflicted by greed, and whose livelihood and economic security is at stake.

Please join us to take action during this critical time. If each and every one of you take this step, we will bring divided elected officials together to make change for American workers everywhere.

If we stand together, we will win.

In solidarity,

The #LoveArmy Team

The Dream Corps brings people together to solve America’s toughest problems. The Dream Corps powers #YesWeCode, #cut50, Green For All, and the #LoveArmy

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