Call Them In: Don’t Sacrifice Clean Water to Give the Military a Raise

President Trump’s proposed budget would increase military spending by $54 billion dollars. This unneeded increase would come at the expense of vital federal programs, including the Rural Water and Environmental Program (WEP).
The WEP:
  • Provides grants to rural communities to help them secure clean drinking water
  • Helps build safe waste disposal systems
  • Creates infrastructure that is critical to public and environmental health
These funding cuts will remove $23,682,504 in funding for the WEP in California. Without this money, the health and vitality of California’s rural communities will suffer enormously. Don’t let Congress sacrifice the wellbeing of our rural communities in the name of defense spending: call your senators today!
For sources and more information on Trump’s budget plans, visit our website.


Hi, my name is _______, and I live in [your city].
I’m calling to ask [your senator] to reject Trump’s budget proposals that would reduce the funding for Rural Water and Environmental Program.
This program provides essential funding to our rural communities to help them secure clean drinking water and dispose of waste safely. Trump’s budget would cut $23,682,504 dollars from the program in our state, jeopardizing the health of these communities.
Please reject these funding cuts and protect the health and vitality of our rural communities. Thank you.


For more information about the issues and tips for talking to your senators, visit our website.
Thank you for your action,
Call Them In Team

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