Call Them In: Trump is a Dirty Old Man

Trump is a Dirty Old Man


California currently has 98 major environmental disaster sites, known as Superfund sites. A Superfund site is designated by the EPA as being a present danger for residents of California. These dangers include soil, air, and water contaminated with toxic materials, as well as other hazards of industrial waste.
Trump’s budget request proposes cutting the Superfund program by one third ($330 million).
As Republicans continue their attempt to gut the EPA from the inside, the party that founded the EPA is now its biggest threat. This budget loss would directly threaten the 53 million people who live near the 1,337 Superfund sites in America, leaving them at risk for disease and property damage from extreme pollution.


Kamala D. Harris


Dianne Feinstein


Hi, my name is _______, and I live in Berkeley.
I’m calling to ask Sen. Harris / Sen. Feinstein to reject any budget cuts to the EPA.
The EPA manages 98 extreme pollution sites in California, which are hazardous to residents and put people’s health at risk. Without the EPA’s protection, higher rates of disease from untreated pollution will place an undue strain on our state’s financial resources.
Thank you.
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Thank you for your action,
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